What is the purpose of the Ponytail Sleeve?
    • The Ponytail Sleeve allows you to construct invisible ponytails using any hair type/texture/color you choose. Now, you are no longer limited to the pre-made ponytails that are only offered in synthetic hair or human hair blends.
    What's the benefits of using the Ponytail Sleeve?
    • The Ponytail Sleeve is a safer way to achieve an invisible ponytail hairstyle because you don't use bonding glue on your hair.
    • The Ponytail Sleeve is a great protective style. You can easily slide your ponytail off before bed.
    • The Ponytail Sleeve will save you money because your invisible ponytails will be reusable.
    • The Ponytail Sleeve will save you time! Once the invisible ponytail is constructed, it only takes about 5 minutes to install.
    How long is the Ponytail Sleeve?
    • The Ponytail Sleeve is about 10" long.
    How many bundles of hair should I use?
    • It depends on the length of the hair and how full you want your ponytail. For 20" or less, one bundle will suffice. For 22" or more you will need at least 2 bundles. Use 2 bundles, if you want an extremely full ponytail.
    • ***Note: We are not a hair company and we DO NOT supply hair. There are several beauty stores and online hair stores that are available to purchase bundles or wefted hair.
    What should I use inside my Ponytail Sleeve when constructing my ponytail?
    • We recommend rolling a sheet of card stock paper into a cone shape and taping it shut. You can also use a styrofoam cone as well. These items will give you a solid base to sew or glue your hair onto the Ponytail Sleeve.
    How long does it typically take to construct a ponytail using the Ponytail Sleeve?
    • It takes about 15-20 minutes to sew and about 10-15 minutes to glue hair onto the Ponytail Sleeve.

    What about shorter hair, can I use the Ponytail Sleeve?

    • Yes! If you can pull your hair into a ponytail, you can use the Ponytail Sleeve. For shorter hair, we recommend adding braiding hair to your braided ponytail, so you have a longer and thicker base to attach your Ponytail Sleeve to.

    How long is shipping?

    • Processing time for most orders is 1-2 days. All orders are shipped from Los Angeles, CA through USPS and shipping times vary based on the shipping option selected during checkout.

    How much is shipping?

    • For domestic orders, standard shipping is $4. Expedited shipping is $7.90. 
    • International shipping prices vary by country.

    How do I place a wholesale order?

    • Please submit your request through the contact us form or email us at contact.cottoncreations@gmail.com.
    • MOQ is 50pcs for wholesale orders